About Us

Once upon a time...

This is how it all started: I bought one skein of the most beautiful intense pink and orange yarn. Months later, when I decided to create something with it, I realized that one skein was not enough. I set out to find more, but it was gone.

With the baby bunny off to college and lots of time on my hands I decided to try and duplicate my beautiful yarn. And I did! Suddenly, my empty nest was full of yarn! I was hooked. The perfect mix of art and science! I started out with natural dyes and I loved the soft colors, but wanted more. With the full palette of dyes in front of me, I was in heaven.

Raised right here in Clearwater, FL, I work as a Quality Project Manager for a health plan during the day, but the yarn is always on my mind.

When I meet people one of the first things they ask is, "Where did you come up with the name Fat Bunny Yarn?" Well, someone gave me the nickname Bunny years ago and when I was searching for a name and logo, a friend of mine did this sketch of this fat little bunny and it felt just right.

Hope you feel at home here on the website. You can also follow Fat Bunny Yarn on Instagram and we have a Facebook page. This is our shop. You'll see lots on Instagram: yarn, inspirations and where our thoughts are.

I love to meet fiber friends and hope to see you at a yarn shop or knit night or a fiber event. My first name is Maria, even though many people introduce me as Fat Bunny, lol.

A couple more things about us... We talk to strangers. We love a good story. We drink coffee AND tea. Everyone is welcome here. We recycle. We believe in love, life and the pursuit of yarn. We think fiber friends are the best friends. We try our best to make everyone happy, but we are bunnies, not avocados. We dye fibers in small batches, using recipes we develop using color studies we collect from fashion, art and nature. We also go off road often and many colorways are one of a kind. If you need a quantity for a project or would like a one of a kind fiber just for you, give us a call or message. We'd love to make something special, just for you. Shipping and delivery...We ship to the US, for now. If you are local to the greater Tampa Bay Area or Orlando, we can deliver. If you'd like a personal trunk show, we can load up the bunny buggy and bring the yarn to you. We like to hop right into things. We like carrot cake, a lot. And wine. We like that, too. We hope you will be our friend.