I’ve recently discovered the thrill of adding beads to my knitting projects.

They can provide just the right elegant, sparkly accent to a fancy stitch or spice up a plain one.

And thanks to some very smart friends, I’ve learned a lot about making them easy to add to your work.

Check out how perfectly this “oil stain” bead makes this little stitch “pop”:






A few tools make the process of beading super easy: A tiny crochet hook ( I used a size 1.0 mm) and a bead holder.


I got my set of tiny crochet hooks on Amazon for $14.99.

It came with 10 hooks ranging in size from 0.5mm to 2.75mm

with a super cute zippered bag.

There are several types available, but I’m just thrilled with the set I got.




You can buy a bead holder, but I made this one from an old cd case and a piece of clear packing tape.

It holds the beads securely until I’m ready for them. It closes nicely and holds my tiny crochet hook.  And it fits inside my project bag.

Do yourself a favor and preselect your beads so you know your crochet hook will fit through them.







So here’s how the magic works:

First, using removable stitch markers,

mark the places you want to add beads, before you start to knit the row.

By eliminating counting, this will make beading so much easier.









Knit your pattern and when you come to a marked stitch pull it off your left needle.

Don’t panic. The stitch marker will prevent the stitch from dropping.











With your crochet hook, select a bead and load it onto the hook.











Using the crochet hook pull the stitch through the bead.










Place the stitch back on the left needle,

remove the stitch marker and your beaded stitch is ready to work in your pattern.









With a little preparation and the right tools, you can add sparkle to any project with ease. So get beading!!