Breonna Taylor Scholarship Fundraiser

UPDATE: Great news, Fat Bunny Friends! When we started down this path, with our 6 little hanks of yarn, we had no idea how generous you would be! We sold all 6 within the day.
We dyed 6 more and they all sold, too. Plenty of those that bought yarn also donated lots of additional money. And some of you, just plain out donated. So, here we are, ready to send the Breonna Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund a check for $510!!! In just a week, you made it possible for Breonna to keep helping young women. We will continue to raise funds for Breonna’s Scholarship so she can continue to help people. Thank you for keeping her dreams.

Breonna Taylor has been on my mind for awhile now.  Thinking about that beautiful life cut short.  Thinking about her mother’s anguish.  Thinking about the career in healthcare she had planned.  She was an emergency medical technician (EMT) and had plans to go to nursing school.

On March 13th, just past midnight, Breonna, 26, was shot and killed in her home by police officers serving a “no-knock” warrant.  This is the stuff of mothers’ nightmares.  To have your beautiful, successful, smart, caring baby girl taken so suddenly and so coldly.  It chilled my heart.

I was thinking of Breonna when I was dyeing yarn last week.  I put down the teal, violet and fuchsia speckles thinking of the bright colors of a young woman’s life.  I then covered those brights with a deep infusion of olive dye.  Olive is dark and drab, the way I was feeling that night. The next morning, after the dye was set, I lifted the lid to the pan and I was amazed.  I knew that sometimes that olive dye could be unpredictable, but what I saw was beautiful shades of brown nestled around those brights.  I saw Breonna and I wept as I rinsed that yarn.  But she was still on my mind. When something won’t go away, it usually means God is pressing you to do something.  As a dyer, this is what I can do: I can sell yarn and I can donate money.

UofL Health, where Breonna worked,  established The Breonna Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund in Nursing at the University of Louisville.  It is a four-year renewable award for full tuition and fees.  Preference will be given to a black woman who is a Kentucky resident when selecting recipients.  Breonna lives on fulfilling the dreams of other black women who choose nursing as a career.

So, the Breonna Taylor Scholarship Fundraiser is part of Fat Bunny Yarn now.  Just like the Somebunny Loves You colorway for Rett Syndrome, we will donate 100% of the purchase price to the scholarship fund.  If these 6 hanks of yarn, sell, we will dye 6 more and we will keep dyeing these and keep donating to the scholarship fund.

Donating to charity should come from a little sacrifice.  Fat Bunny Yarn will not make a cent off any of our fundraiser yarn.  100% of the purchase price goes to the charity. Click here to purchase this colorway.Lucky sock base – Breonna Taylor Scholarship Fundraiser

Other ways to donate:

If you aren’t interested in the yarn, you can still make a donation.  How about $5?  The price of that fancy coffee we used to enjoy when we were out and about could help someone else.  There’s a $5 donation item in the shop.  Those monies will be added to the yarn money and sent to the scholarship fund in Breonna’s honor.

If you would prefer to give directly, you can visit give.louisville.edu/breonna-taylor

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  1. I would like to buy some of the color way for the fundraiser for Breonna Taylor. I am a nurse and I live in Kentucky and just having it would mean so much to me. I will donate to the scholarship too . I am willing to wait for you to produce more if you will contact me. My budget will allow me about $75.00

    1. Post

      Hi Stacey.
      Just saw your post and you beat me to it! 🙂 Just added 4 to the shop. Thank you so much!

    2. Post

      Hi Stacey.
      Just wanted to let you know that we have more Breonna Taylor Memorial Scholarship in Nursing yarn in the shop.
      Didn’t want you to miss it.

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