Colors for a Cause

Its time to put some love out into the world, and so we give you our Colors for a Cause:

* Somebunny Loves U, a colorway for Girl Power 2 Cure, an organization striving to empower and support families affected by Rett Syndrome; to educate and enrich the lives of those with Rett Syndrome as well as those who teach and support them, and to help eradicate the disorder through research targeted donor outreach. Rett Syndrome is a neurological disorder affecting mostly girls. Rett Syndrome often strikes toddlers and affects purposeful hand utilization, the ability to breathe, eat, walk, and speak. Researchers are closer to a cure than ever. Somebunny Loves U is a fresh pink, orange and lavender tonal on our Lucky Sock base inspired by the laughter of little girls, like our friend Aubrey, who was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome before her 2nd birthday.

* For Breonna, a colorway for the Breonna Taylor Memorial Scholarship in Nursing at the University of Louisville. Breonna Taylor, an EMT in Louisville, KY, was killed in her apartment by police serving a “no-knock” warrant. We want to remember Breonna by continuing her legacy of helping others. The scholarship will help young women who seek an education in nursing. This colorway on our Lucky Sock base was inspired by the colors of a vibrant young life, magenta, teal and navy on a beautiful base.

* Andrew loves Andrea, a colorway for Fruity Knitting. We love the Fruity Knitting podcast. Hosts Andrew and Andrea have provided so much excellent content celebrating the fiber arts. Their show is delightful and much-loved by knitters, crocheters, weavers, spinners, dyers. When we heard of Andrew’s recent diagnosis of an inoperable brain tumor, we wanted to send them some love. This colorway on our Lucky sock base was inspired all the colors of Fruity Knitting. We love it!

*Finally, for every pink yarn sold from now until October 31st, we’ll make a donation to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation. This organization promotes education, advocacy and prevention. They make mammograms and other diagnostics possible for under served and uninsured women.

If you don’t find a lovely yarn to enhance your stash, please consider making a donation of just $5. We also have $5 donation items that you can add to your cart.

We hope you can help us spread some love in the world and we thank you for your help.

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