Happy Fall…wait, already????

The calendar says mid-October, but here in Florida, its still summer! The Florida calendar is certainly different than most. The last day of summer in Florida is October 30th. Sometimes there’s a little chill in the air for the first day of Florida fall, October 31st. Florida fall happens pretty quick, wrapping up on Thanksgiving. Florida Winter begins the day after Thanksgiving, but it doesn’t really feel like winter until that one day in February when its really windy and it feels colder than it really is, because, you know, wind chill and all. Florida Spring is lovely. It starts March 1st and ends pretty much on April 30th. Florida summer gloriously reigns from May through October.

Despite sweater weather being a long way off in Florida, we still want to knit and crochet and weave all the things! Our latest shop update has some new fall colorways, inspired by Halloween movies and autumn colors. You’ll find these on our Petal Silks and a new limited edition base Lucky Penny! Its very similar to our Lucky sock base, but it has a touch of copper stellina! It adds a subtle sparkle and plays beautifully with the Halloween shades especially. Take a look at Graveyard Shift, with all its shades of grey. Those tiny copper lights turn it from basic to gorgeous. Talk about gorgeous, think about wrapping up in a shawl of Hot Cocoa, those creams and chocolates with a touch of copper sparkle, or go for drama in the reds and black of Elm Street. They’re all beautiful.

We’ll be shifting to winter shades soon…emeralds and burgundies, sugarplum and spice. Can’t wait to feel a little chill in the air! We have a garden full of fall and winter shades in our Bulky base. Its the coziest and knits up in a flash. Hope wherever you are, you are enjoying some autumn!

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