Welcome to Fat Bunny Yarn!

We are so glad you are here.  Let’s get cozy.

The yarn is where it started.  I got some great yarn and I only bought 1 hank.  It was gorgeous…all pink and orange and soft.  What was I thinking? Discontinued…what??? How would I find this colorway?

So, I started dyeing.  My first colors were using natural dyes…onion skins and avocado peels, flower petals, and black beans.  Soft, delicate colors.  But that pink and orange was still on my mind.  I began venturing into other dyes and found my colors!  My orange/pink variegated colorway was amazing–bold and sexy…like Jessica Rabbit!  The colorway is called Oh, Jessica. (Yeah, its all about rabbits here)

Please make yourself cozy and take a hop around.