Poppy in Highlighter and Lucky in Silver

Poppy in Amazon and Lucky In Down Deep

Poppy in Exotic and Lucky in Nutmeg Pink

Poppy in Flopsy and Lucky in Celery Stick

Poppy in Flopsy and Lucky in All the Blues

Poppy in Flopsy and Lucky in Lemonade


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      Hi. The slub base is called Poppy. It was exclusive to Four Purls Yarn Shop ( during the Orange Blossom Yarn Crawl. It will be in my shop update this weekend.

  1. Looking for a sock weight medium shade purple. Will need for one of my customers – Lilac You A lot was too dark for her in sock weight. I was amazed at how light it was in sport weight! Suggestions? Couldn’t find pictures of the color choices, (she prefers a blue lavender rather than a pinky one). so wrote to you instead. purchase once I know what’s available for her project.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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      Hi Dot! I found you!
      I don’t currently have many purples in sock. For a shade comparison, do you have any Treasure Chest in stock? Is the purple in that what you customer is looking for? Be happy to dye something special if you can give me something to match to. let me know. 🙂

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