Lil Hop base – Somebunny<3U


Lil Hop base – Sport weight 50gr/200 yds 100% Superwash merino yarn

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This special colorway is a limited edition dyed as a fundraiser for Girl Power 2 Cure in honor of Aubrey. Aubrey was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome just after her 2nd birthday. Rett Syndrome is a neurological disorder that mainly affects little girls, caused by a mutation to one tiny chromosome. Imagine watching your baby girl lose everything: speech, motor skills, emotions, but not her awareness or intelligence. Aubrey is a beautiful, smart little girl trapped in a body that is missing something to make it work. But science is close to a cure. Rett Syndrome may be one of the first neurological disorders to be cured. If yarn is your thing, please consider a purchase of this exclusive colorway. One half of the purchase price will be donated to Girl Power 2 Cure. If yarn isn’t for you, then I urge you to give a little something to