Summertime! Here in Florida, its hot as hot can be right now. Who wants to knit or crochet? We do!!!
On our needles is a summer tank in a cotton/silk blend –perfect for summer wear. Its bright and light in a fun tangerine color.

Although wool is breathable, it still sounds hot, doesn’t it? It really depends on how its made. For instance, our Woo base, a worsted weight 100% superwash wool, feels almost cottony. We made a Shelley Summer Top by Nancy Ricci from Woo in the colorway, LA Lady, and its the perfect lacy summer shell. Look for lighter weight yarns, like sport or fingering weights. And pick summery fibers like cottons and silks or blends with cotton, linen and other light fibers, but save the mohair for cooler days.

The Fat Bunny Yarn Summer sale is on now and includes our Lil Hop sport base, Cosi our cotton/silk blend and many of our light, airy art silks like Silk Ribbons, Mermaid Hair and even our Starlight beaded silks. Check them out and make something beautiful for summer.

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