Another beautiful shawl is coming from Casapinka: The Hug Shot Shawl!  For a limited time, June 5-7, the pattern is FREE with purchase of two hanks of yarn from hand dyers and local yarn shops.  So exciting!

The Hug Shot is a companion shawl to Casapinka’s Breathe and Hope shawl.  Its a little simpler, easier, but still with that classic Casapinka style.  Easy enough for beginners, but interesting enough for experienced knitters.

It is knit with 2 hanks of fingering weight yarn: Casapinka’s sample used a solid and a speckle (the PINK one).  My beautiful friend Maresi is making our sample with Fat Bunny Yarn Poppy in Lime Slice and Fat Bunny Yarn Lucky sock in Dolphin Day (the GREEN one).  They both look great!

The PINK one!

The GREEN one!


To get the FREE pattern, simply buy 2 hanks of yarn and the code for the FREE pattern will be emailed to you to download.  What a fun shawl that you can create with ease.  Lots of colors to choose from, although Casapinka recommends the PINK!

Poppy comes in 16 poppin’ shades and plays so nicely with other yarns like our Lucky Sock base or Leap Sport base.  I imagine it might be beeeeeeyoootiful with our Petal Silks, too.  If you need a little help picking 2 colors, please reach out or look at our Fat Bunny Page on Instagram where we’ve been posting color combinations.  We can’t wait to see the Hug Shot knit in Fat Bunny Yarn out in the wild.


Here’s the deal: Purchase any 2 hanks of Fat Bunny Yarn Poppy, Leap, Lucky or Petal Silks between now and June 7th and get the coupon code to redeem between June 5-7 for the Casapinka Hug Shot Shawl for FREE. 

A few years ago, I met a young woman named Joy at a craft event. We shared pictures of our girls over mandalas and sugar skull sketches. Mine was a senior in high school and hers just a baby. The next day I got a Facebook friend request from her. I accepted and have had a backseat to a journey that no one should ever have to take.
Joy tells the story of how she and her husband sensed something was wrong with their beautiful little girl Aubrey. How they searched for a diagnosis, while watching her lose her speech, her motor skills, all the firsts they’d seen her achieve as she passed all those baby milestones we all see our babies have.
Just as most parents are struggling through the terrible twos with their kiddos, Joy and Bob learned that Aubrey had Rett Syndrome. ( )Who had even heard about Rett Syndrome?? It affects mainly little girls and strikes about 1 in 10,000 children. It presents challenges to purposeful hand utilization, and the ability to speak, breathe, eat and walk.
I’m sure there have been moments of the deepest despair, but I’ve never seen Joy with a negative attitude. The positive energy that she pours into Aubrey and her care, and their family and her business is contagious. I admire her like no other young mom I’ve ever known, like no other people I know. I pray for them every day…that God will give them strength and healing…that God will help a cure be found…that God will renew this mom’s energy so she can love and care and fight for her girl.
October is Rett Syndrome Awareness month. Girl Power 2 Cure ( is an organization that provides education, support for Rett families and helps to support research. Fat Bunny Yarn will donate half the purchase price of their colorway Somebunny<3U to Girl Power 2 Cure. Not just during the month of October, but every time someone buys it. So, if you are browsing around our site, if you buy 1 hank of yarn from us, buy Somebunny<3U. It’s a great colorway and every hank sold helps a little girl and her family fight this battle against Rett Syndrome.