Why do we love the yarn sooooo much? Is it the Squish? That tangible need to touch and squish every skein? I’m a sucker for a big squishy hank of yarn. We make sure all our bases are super soft and extry squishy.

Is it the color? I don’t ever remember getting as excited at a big box store yarn wall, as I do when confronted with a couple of indie dyers at a yarn shop or show. So many colors, so much inspiration. You can say blue to a hundred indie dyers and they will come up with 100 different yarn colorways. How exciting is that??? We get our inspiration from all kinds of things: flowers birds, butterflies, fish, fruit, trees, water, music. Inspiration is everywhere!

Is it YOUR color? We all know how GG likes orange and Kristy likes pink. My favorite colors are both orange and pink, but the color yarn I have the most of in my stash? Green-turquoise-teal-blue-aqua! I can’t explain it. When I’m in a yarn store, something comes over me and those bluegreens drag me in and just slay me.

Is it the pure potential? The thought that you can take that beautiful yarn and make something! Something that will be loved and admired. Something that someone might treasure. Something so packed with all your love and talent and time, that it heals and warms and lifts a person’s spirits. That is some powerful yarny stuff!

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